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In both Bunkerville Nevada and the Ukraine, the USG grabs land for China

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This article shows how the USG sells the actual productive assets of the west to China. This is done in exchange for the capital China has ‘lent’ to the Occidental Banksterite Cabal (OBC), which executive headquarters are in Wall-Street. 

The OBC owns and controls major Chinese assets with that money, likewise with much of the western saver’s funds, with which it jump-started and ramped-up the Chinese industrial State-Capitalism since 1989 [Link]. 

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A Religion-Neutral State Definition

This article suggests that the realistic definition for the state of Israel should be

a Hebrew State, rather not a Jewish state. The implications for defining Hebrew over Jewish are tremendous both internally and externally. Jewish means according to  Judaism while Hebrew means of Jewish ancestry.

Given the blatant Arab refusal to recognize a Jewish state,

perhaps it is time to re-consider the definition of a Hebrew state.

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Neocolonial theory: Logical Positivism & Exo-Nationalism

The present Ukrainian-Winter shares a common ground with the Arab-Spring, which runs deeper then initially perceived. This article reviews the terms and principles which underlay these developments and their media misrepresentation.

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The devolution-point in US Imperialism

The UK, EU & Turkey have just left the US administration at off-sides, having leaked its false-flags for being just that: The fake Syrian Chemical attack, the NGO massacre at Maidan square and the  stage-planned Turkish 9/11 [Link] which could be nick-named 'Shesh-Besh' which means literally 5-6 in Farsi (Persian) and Checkers in English.

The financial storm currently brewing around the sanctions showdown between the US and Russia is just the beginning of the tipping point for all three major empires involved in the crisis: The United States, The European Union and the Russian Federation. They are all irrevocably corrupt and rotten to the core. Therefore expect some desperate power plays and reckless aggression coming from all parties involved in the coming months and years.

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Is the next real war going to be in Israel?

Noting that Kiev resides right on the mighty river Dnieper, and 200 km from the nearest Russian border, it is evident that a Russian annexation of eastern Ukraine ought to include Kiev. Likewise, the estuary of the Dnieper is not far from Odessa, thus Russia might also well attempt to close annex the remaining Ukrainian coastal line.

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The NWO: Petro-Dollar vs. Ruble-Gas

Guerrilla cannot save the Petro-Dollar

The Petro-Dollar was recently enforced during the 2nd Iraq war in 2003 and in Libya in 2011, yet thereafter the US lost about the N.Korean, Syrian and Iranian WMD. The US friendly Egyptian president Mursi of the Muslim-Brotherhood (MI6) was toppled in favor of Al-Sisi who is friendly to Russia & the GCC.

While the international community experiences peak tension over the Ukrainian crisis, the Middle-Eastern cauldron continues to bubble. High alert is still maintained in Israel's northern border following the air raid in Monday on Hezbollah arms depot containing nuclear capable SS-21 missiles.

JPM & Deutsche Bank cross at both the Bankers-Suicide wave and the Yellow-cake business.

On two high-profile yet very problematic fronts, JPM and Deutsche-Bank coincide recently:

1. The bankers 'suicide' wave which involves the CIA [Link].

2. Their joint Yellow-cake business, alongside Goldman-Sachs and Morgan-Stanley [Link].

BMPT “Ramka” aka “Terminator” [Photo: Wikipedia]

It has been recently published that Egypt has signed a large arms acquisition contract with Russia, in order to revamp its military and air-force. Details have not been released. This informative article [Link], it is claimed that:

I) The deal is funded mainly by Saudi-Arabia and the UAE.

II) Egypt eyes Mig-29 and Helicopters.