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The systematic Blueprint for eradicating the Whites

The Ukrainian Government has collapsed today, due to the resignation of a couple of coalition partner political partners, leading to the resignation of the prime- minister. Parliamentary elections may be scheduled to October, namely just before the cold winter begins [ Link]. Ukraine stands on existential cross -roads, one of them leads to being diminished under NATO, and the other to resurrection in the role of a fully-fledged BRICSU member: BRICS + the Ukraine.

The original Morgenthau Plan from 1944 meant to deteriorate Germany from a position of world leadership in the fields of thinking, science, industry, medicine, military and politics to a primitive agrarian country.

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SA-17 'Grizzly' in Gaza to down the next airliner?

[Link]: SA-17 is the size of a Fajr-5 aka M-75 [Link]:

Yesterday, NATO stopped all flights to and from Israel for '24 Hours' [Link].

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Airliners exploded in order to contain the BRICS development bank 

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Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH-17, which crashed dead today on Ukraine's border with Russia, must have been destroyed by means of an internal explosion:

1.  There was NO smoke trail on the way down to the ground, thus NO interception occurred.


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Media's perpetual disregard of missing Zoning by Jihad.  

HAMAS: Hide Among Mosques And Schools


1.  All afflicted civilians in Gaza result from Home-Office & Car-Office militants, namely from the perpetrated lack of zoning between war-operatives and between innocent civilians.

2. The UN, apathetic to the Zoning fiasco, recalls the abducted children and women only after they are bombed, instead of offering them refuge.


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Hamas overtakes the PNA, while ISIS the Iraqi RNBC 

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*** Hamas vs. Israel ***

Hamas has drawn Israel into a full-fledged attrition war, in order to boost its own status in a pursuit for a decisive vantage point against he PLO/Fatah in the succession struggle of the 79 years-old Mahmoud Abbas on the throne of the PNA, and in a wider and outspoken attempt to eradicate Israel and then to consolidate the full-fledged Jihadist Palestine under its own control.

Misguided [Link]

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This is a follow up to our  Orwellian state of Israel [ Link]

In this article we might have, at long last, cracked open the 'system' behind the Hamas-Israeli, and perhaps also similarly the Hezbollah-Israeli relations,which albeit being portrayed as being very tense are also quite stable.This system concerns primarily the maritime Natural-Gas fields of those regimes and the privileged role of BP (British Petroleum) in this entire ploy.

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Israel's state apparatus has passed in its sleep, being a CIA 5th column

George Orwell would be turning in his grave, if he could only see how illuminati-el have turned the state of Israel into an Armageddon case of an Orwellian [ Link] apocalypse.

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ISIS has only started its well positioned ramp-up against entire Christendom

ISIS EMEA: Official Map of Caliphate includs Austria and Spain

ISIS-EMEA is a Geo-strategy against Germany and Russia 

Pravy-Sektor: Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism in Europe 

Notably, Ukraine bridges the Northern prongs of ISIS Caliphate, by means of its 'Yatsies', which are nick-named after their local Boss Yatseniuk, who is a US asset, reporting to Nuland.

Link to Photo: This Independence Day, America Again Has a Monarch

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Summer 2014 sees Obomunism's final solution

This article presents the simple and decisive arithmetic which clearly shows how the USA will never be able to recover politically, demographically, economically and otherwise.

Odessa, Refuges, NatGas & imploding Fed

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USA and Russia are now openly and admittedly preparing for the Russian Nuclear color Revolution, which is likely to be accused for the impending default of the US not-Federal no-reserve unchartered Bank, and to substantially progress the UK towards global control over the planet earth, which it has mostly accomplished already [Link].