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Blitzkrieg: taking Turkey with it, neutralizing NATO


Autocratic Germany has flipped towards Eurasia

This article explains the explicitly hostile turn of Germany against the USA, UK, France, Saudi-Arabia and Israel, and in favour of Russia, Iran, Syria and the PNA. This is the long-planned and anticipated flip of Germany to the east. Not only that Germany’s post 1st cold-war economy is based on building and owning some of China, but now the USA seems to be at a twilight of governance and might: financial and military alike. Germany is seeking an alliance with Turkey and Iran, in order to turn the Petrodollar arrangement infeasible.

How the SPD systematically exterminates the German Socioeconomy

By Scaliger

This article descries the common mechanism of bullying societies into stupid servility.

Labor-Unions are about ganging up many people who are not smart enough in order to study

science, thus who cannot be real engineers, likewise not really manage engineering, in order to ruin

the lives of those who have scientific education.

A Consistent and Reductionist approach


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This article presents well known scientific explanations to the challenges raised by people who argue that the earth was flat. Some of these explanations break from the Propaganda orthodoxy.

*** Rounded Earth in global Archaeology ***

Were the concept of a rounded earth a deception by the establishment, then it would be a very old one, spanning centuries and continents, although not necessarily millenias.

Quartet Conquest of the Middle-East

By Scaliger


This article describes how the USA and its post-Tsarist Russia keep on splitting the rest of the world

between them, in particular the subjugation and exploitation of EMEA. Add to Russia and the USA

and EU which belongs to Anglo-America and the British-founded UN which has been quite silent

on EMEA since the Arab-Spring was launched 5 years ago.

Hijra &  Munich Real-Estate Bubble prepare a sentential to the German Revolution of 1918–19

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Lemma: Vassalism is Islam

and the Vassals of all Muslim are the Dhimmi = subjugated Christians:

This article shows that the Quranic way comprises elements factored out of Medieval Europe.

In particular, Vassalism is Dar Al-Islam, namely the residence of open-air incarceration, while the Horde is Dar Al-Kharb, namely the residence of perpetual warfare.

Islam is an RPC, i.e.

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This article puts into context the Paris massacres of Friday 13 November 2015, and puts into question the sight and sounds surrounding it. The Syrian threats from 12 November 2015 [1], render the French "anti-ISIS" military-initiative, scheduled to be launched on 18 November 2015 [2], along the lines we described 2 months ago [3], being aimed at the Syrian-Iranian-Russian Pipelines [4], into an open war with Syria. How to excuse it then? - Bataclan and Co.

Yellen, British & Spanish politics are on the Rocks


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This article reviews the turning-point occurring at present in the global-strategic balance of powers between the USA and between an expanding old-world coalition of 2nd-class powers, who physically refute the financial and terrestrial terrorism of that north-American former hegemon.

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A Specification-based approach to clearing up Terminology

“Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein [1]

* I would give the examples of Mistranslation and of Newspeak.

** The Modus Operandi would be then Dissect & Reject.

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Checkmating Iran and Russia

This article ties the ends between the Russian, Iranian and Syrian conflicts, on the basis of observing the following sequence of events (the historic process) this summer:

1. Lifting the Sanctions

POTUS and the UN Security Council approved the deal with Iran,

already having lifted the sanctions from it - effectively unconditionally,

and practically with a gushing flow of international big investments.


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NATO throws itself under the Hijra Gang Bus

This article shows that the Muslim overtake of Europe isn't related with Wars, Economics or with  Socialism, but is rather an explicit 'Final Solution' to human civilization including to its makers the White Caucasian Christians.