By Scaliger

Iran is Obama's only friend abroad

Obama has just legitimized the Iranian nuclear regime, to the concealed horror of the EU and to the  explicit horror and threats of the Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu [1]. Not only that but Obama “Obama Vows To Veto Any Legislation That Would Block Iran Deal” [2], thus leaving the Congress only the last resort of impeaching Obama for treason on various accounts; which is not a very likely scenario, since the business-orientated house of representatives hasn't impeached him insofar even for “fast and furious”, the breach of Posse Comitatus (culminating insofar during Jade Helm) or for persecuting Christianity to the verge of extinction.

Several Strategic Matters collude right now

By Scaliger

This article describes the strategic shadow-war (M$M-censored) waged on Germany on its streets in parallel with dodgy dealing at the globalist corridors of powers. This leaves Germany at the moment in exponentially aggravating dire-straights, which require a fast and decisive strategic response.

The Principle-Sum Morgue and the sovereign basis of the Partial Reserve System:

how to fix International Finance, the Eurozone and the Mortgage Markets.

This article introduces the Principle-Sum Morgue (PSM),without which there's no Partial Reserve System (PRS),Mortgage Market & Eurozone Hoaxes, how to unwind and stop them.

By Scaliger

The Present Confluence of Globalist Calamities, and the rise of a Neo-Byzantine counter-party to Anglo-America?

This article considers the relations between the present simultaneous 3 calamitous phenomena and between their causes, suggesting they are interdependent and are aspects of the same strategic shift.

Background – how the West is built since 1973

The financial system of the western world is based on the following 3-parts cycle:


By Scaliger 

QE and Hitler are Mental Siblings

This article shows that the greatest travesties of the past 170 years are all based on the 'Historical School' of economics, which denounced physics in favour of presuming that statistics was a fundamental scientific tool.

A model for perpetual instability on a global scale

This article considers the possibility that the unstable state of global finance may not simply be

a matter of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) in the works, but  rather a sophisticated scheme

for a long-term globalist management of financial and other globalist matters,

which could save the financial throne of the globalists.

Crashing the German aircraft forced Germany to vote the Ukraine in to the EU

International Disaster [4]

This article is an explicit conclusion from the implicit descriptions found on several mainstream German media venues today. Those descriptions tie together the mysterious crash of the German wings A320 on Tuesday (24 March 2015) with the German overwhelming majority vote the next day to admit the poor and embattled Ukraine in to the EU.

By Scaliger

“The rest of the world” faces annihilation unless it De-dollarizes its trading

This article presents how the USA wrecks havoc the world over in its financial colonial conquest.


AEP wrote already last December that [1]:

“Fed calls time on $5.7 trillion of emerging market dollar debt.

World finance is rotating on its axis.

by Scaliger

Anglo-America takes the Pipelines Byzantine war to the Balkans

This article presents the colluding tendencies for strategic deteriorations across Europe and around the Mediterranean, with the onset of the premature Spring of 2015.

The Diplomatic aspect of the Pipeline Politics

By Scaliger

This article suggests a simple explanation to the recent dramatic politics across NATO concerning its Russian and Iraqi peripheries.

The Ukraine

1. All the stories about "pro-Russian troops closing in on Kiev's troops"

sound like the regular scaremongering against Russia.

2. Ukraine has got its own heavy military industry, e.g. the Malyshev Tank Factory [1] in Kharkiv

is still in Kiev's hands.