Crashing the German aircraft forced Germany to vote the Ukraine in to the EU

International Disaster [4]

This article is an explicit conclusion from the implicit descriptions found on several mainstream German media venues today. Those descriptions tie together the mysterious crash of the German wings A320 on Tuesday (24 March 2015) with the German overwhelming majority vote the next day to admit the poor and embattled Ukraine in to the EU. The Ukraine is at present at a much worse shape than it was early January 2014 when the US conducted the coup d’etat in Kiev and the proxy war between the US and Russia thus ensued across much of the Ukraine. Prior to that war the Ukraine was in a similar condition to which was left when the USSR collapsed in 1991.

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“The rest of the world” faces annihilation unless it De-dollarizes its trading

This article presents how the USA wrecks havoc the world over in its financial colonial conquest.


AEP wrote already last December that [1]:

“Fed calls time on $5.7 trillion of emerging market dollar debt.

World finance is rotating on its axis.

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Anglo-America takes the Pipelines Byzantine war to the Balkans

This article presents the colluding tendencies for strategic deteriorations across Europe and around the Mediterranean, with the onset of the premature Spring of 2015.

The Diplomatic aspect of the Pipeline Politics

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This article suggests a simple explanation to the recent dramatic politics across NATO concerning its Russian and Iraqi peripheries.

The Ukraine

1. All the stories about "pro-Russian troops closing in on Kiev's troops"

sound like the regular scaremongering against Russia.

2. Ukraine has got its own heavy military industry, e.g. the Malyshev Tank Factory [1] in Kharkiv

is still in Kiev's hands.

The concept of “Phony war” is remembered from the early phase of WW2 when France and Britain refrained from any serious military action against Hitler despite declaring war on Germany after the invasion to Poland. This policy was disguised at the time as pacifism, incompetence (or both), but in fact it was meant to discourage Hitler from going westward and instead lure him eastward vis-a-vis Stalin. This is why the Anglo-American establishment propped up Both Stalin and Hitler to begin with.

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This article describes the solution to the main Greek Problem

This article points to the critical, proven, easy and awesome measure without which the Greek socioeconomic fabric could never recover from its long term depression.

Thus it would be advisable to the new Greek Minister of Finance Dr.

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Paris, London, Dresden and Damascus 

Photo Source [1]

This article presents some drifts and distractions comprised in the strategic horrors which are about to be unleashed in order to unwind civilization altogether. With Petroleum prices already under $50 a barrel [2], NATO seems to be gearing for a regime change in Syria during the spring-summer period of 2015. This follows NATO direct intervention for ISIS [3] as well as its covert support of which.

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A Margin-call is in the hands of Iran-driven Hamas & Hezbollah

Photo reference: [1]

This article describes how the Petroleum prices have been torpedoed by means of an unrestrained subsurface short-derivatives attack, in order to destabilize Russia an Iran, and how the latter can and may wage war by means of its proxy-militaries deployed around the middle-east, in order to trigger a margin-call on those shorts.

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Eurabia is a chapter in Venetian Eurasian Politics

John Paul II kisses Koran [Link]

This article presents a steady model of history concerning the western world, extending over the insofar admitted history of the Venetian meddling in Eurasian politics during the last few centuries: The Venetian Conspiracy by Webster Tarpley [1]. It concerns the Invasions to Europe by Islam, by the Mongols and by the Americans, and the regimes of the Monarchies, the Caliphates and the Soviets.

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The Birth of the Eurabian-Soviet

This article shows how the Leftist politics in and about Israel is integral to the 2nd Cold War being

a lead in to the 3rd world war, which purpose is the centuries-old attempt of the west to annihilate Russia and from there to secure western global dominance.