Confiscating Defence from the National Democracies

This article describes how the present military power grab across most western European nations is going to pit the EU, alongside the USA, into direct war against Russia. The subtle point being the incorporation of the EU by in Langley West-Virginia, at the Headquarters of the CIA, which conducted the Putsch in Kiev, and is hell-bent against Russia in general. This is contrary to the common believe, which may result from a deception campaign by the US, by which a unified EU army could stand its ground against the US, in spite of the EU belonging to the US and being poorly equipped, especially absent of modern Radars and Electronic-Warfare.

The Quran is the Holocaust Agenda

This article describes how the German public in particular, but also humanity in general, are being subjected these days to an organized grand deception, by which they are being Islamized in mind,

in the name of objecting the Islamization of Europe, the USA and the world in general.

By Scaliger

This NWO is rooted in ancient traditions.

This article describes how the believes and mechanisms leading world events grew out of ancient endeavors in the fields of seafaring, navigation and cosmology, together with their impact on economy, society, religion and politics over the centuries and throughout the “western” world.

Fungal Politics gives Rise to Implicit Fascism

Feudalism flourishes under Anarchy like Fungus does in Humidity

This article introduces the term and concept of ‘Fungal Politics’, defines it, and describes

how per-Se Feudalism employs this concept against Intelligentsia, Judaism and Democracy.

What Fungal Politics Is

Fungal Politics is a term referring the decrepit socioeconomic circumstances occurring:


His “terrorism from the air” is a mere enabler like any other terrorism

This article reviews the strategic failure of Douhet's wider expectations, by which a grisly ground-war could be averted in the course of bringing an enemy nation to submission.

Douhet’s Hypothesis

Quoting from Wikipedia [1]:

Douhet believed in the morale effects of bombing. Air power could break a people's will by destroying a country's "vital centers".

How the Axis has nearly won a greater Eurabia

[ 1]

This article presents the cardinal role of feign operations in setting the stage throughout Western-Europe and the Middle-East since the end of WWII.

A feign operation is an actual operation, which only pretends to have indicated at a larger scenario,

thus which forms the concrete part of an initially-perplexing con job.

Haiti is the financial center of the Caribbean drug-wars, funding the globalist revolutions [1]

Hillary Clinton’s scandal of defrauding Haiti out of Billions of Earthquake relief, conducted via the Clinton Foundation, one of the leading foreign agencies in the country [2], traces back to the Clinton’s involvement in drug-trafficking [3], in the years of the Iran-Contras operations, which logistical and financial hub was in Haiti, under the control of the US [4].

Attacks on US Tentacles are Timed to Clinton’s Crash

This article presents the flash-point of the open full-scale war in the middle-East between Russia-Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas-Houthis-China-N.Korea-Laos-Philippines and between NATO-Israel-Jordan-GCC (Saudia & Emirates)-Egypt-Ukraine-S.Korea-Vietnam.

1. Russia has fired a Kaliber missile at SOCOM operations room near Aleppo, killing Turks, US ops, Israeli officers [1]. This is the classical gambit of a full-scale war.

Bourgeoisie escape from Continental Cartelisation 

Independence is the only way out of oppression. The EU is a feudal establishment owned and controlled by the continental feudals of yore, who enjoy the EU budget of a Trillion Euro p.a. uncontrolled by the tax payer, e.g. by means of subsidies for landed property e.g. Wind-Power stations and agricultural.

By Scaliger

Blitzkrieg: taking Turkey with it, neutralizing NATO


Autocratic Germany has flipped towards Eurasia

This article explains the explicitly hostile turn of Germany against the USA, UK, France, Saudi-Arabia and Israel, and in favour of Russia, Iran, Syria and the PNA. This is the long-planned and anticipated flip of Germany to the east.