Reps abolish modern slavery - the Dems’ Business Model

This article presents how the Enslavement business-model of the Democratic-Socialist Political Party of the US has been modernized into Obomunism, and how its abolition by the Republicans during Trump’s presidency backfires at them. E.g. on June 14th 2017 in Alexandria DC, Virginia [2].

The USA was founded the land of the brave and the free, not of the slave like in the rest of the world. The Democratic-Socialist Party enslaved the “Blacks”, who are a mixture of African, Amerindian and some 15% White populations. It is typical of socialist parties to import misery, because their business-model is “redistribution”, namely from the successful to the failed, by means of taxation and confiscation.

Truth is sometimes a distribution function

This article concerns how the existential-dependency of life on stochastic-processes, suggests that there would be no deterministic-model for sub-atomic physical-behaviour.

Mathematical Progress

Prof. Albert Einstein is quoted for having mused that “God doesn’t play with a dice”, where God is perhaps a reference to the nature of things.

Hard necked Agenda above all else


One is often left to wonder what on earth makes Germans so arrogant, rather not humbled, perplexed and soul-searching, facing demise in the fields of Demography, Academia and High-tech.

Obviously, Germans believe all else are: (a) dumb, for not having taken precautions, and

(b) redundant, because Germany doesn’t need anybody else, since all it wants is to be itself.

Various Symptoms:


Practical suggestions for winning the UK elections

This article presents how Theresa May could still defeat Jeremy Corbyn in the coming elections.

1. NHS reform

Implement the Swiss model, where:

1.1 All and any residents in the country are either legal to start with

or being immediately arrested and deported.

1.2 The government keeps an eye on Health-Insurances, for sakes of quality, quantity & costs.

1.3 By default, all must buy Health Insurance.

When all Prophecies come true.

This article presents the Play-Book of when and how a global and nuclear WW3 is about to be unleashed, This is in view of nearly 50 years of an ostensible global pattern, which is scheduled to match a classical end-times prophecy. This pattern is of weakening the Industrial Christian world from within, by means of corrupting its mind, thus also sharply attenuating its indigenous demography. This failed demography destabilizes it vs.

About the its Denial & Abandon of Essence

This article describes the hollowing-out of the public terminology from essence. It is not merely about superficiality, but rather also about detailed indoctrination discourse which explicitly denies the existence of essence, or at least plays down its significance. Essence-less-ness, i.e. being devoid of essence, is a de-programming stage, rendering the public disorientated and the discourse haphazard.

Confiscating Defence from the National Democracies

This article describes how the present military power grab across most western European nations is going to pit the EU, alongside the USA, into direct war against Russia. The subtle point being the incorporation of the EU by in Langley West-Virginia, at the Headquarters of the CIA, which conducted the Putsch in Kiev, and is hell-bent against Russia in general.

The Quran is the Holocaust Agenda

This article describes how the German public in particular, but also humanity in general, are being subjected these days to an organized grand deception, by which they are being Islamized in mind,

in the name of objecting the Islamization of Europe, the USA and the world in general.

By Scaliger

This NWO is rooted in ancient traditions.

This article describes how the believes and mechanisms leading world events grew out of ancient endeavors in the fields of seafaring, navigation and cosmology, together with their impact on economy, society, religion and politics over the centuries and throughout the “western” world.

Fungal Politics gives Rise to Implicit Fascism

Feudalism flourishes under Anarchy like Fungus does in Humidity

This article introduces the term and concept of ‘Fungal Politics’, defines it, and describes

how per-Se Feudalism employs this concept against Intelligentsia, Judaism and Democracy.

What Fungal Politics Is

Fungal Politics is a term referring the decrepit socioeconomic circumstances occurring: