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The Birth of the Eurabian-Soviet

This article shows how the Leftist politics in and about Israel is integral to the 2nd Cold War being

a lead in to the 3rd world war, which purpose is the centuries-old attempt of the west to annihilate Russia and from there to secure western global dominance.

In my articles [1] – [7] I have laid the groundwork for how the present warfare between NATO and Russia is a wave which dates back to Autumn 1997 and which purpose is replacing the CIS [8] and

the plethora of Arab states with an extended Eurabian-Soviet, based on the European-Soviet, declared by Gorbachev [9], aka the EU.

If one considers the establishment of the PNA pivotal to the Cold-War, then it never ended,

like William F.

American IFV in Jihad colors: 

NATO fights Openly but Not Proudly


NATO fights to contain Capitalist Russia

By Scaliger

This article reviews the resumption of the Proxy-wars between the US and Russia,

which is nicked named the Cold War, and which started in 1949 with the Soviet nuclear bomb.

Masochist EU is the Lamb of the UNWO

By Scaliger

This article describes how the Masochist policies endured by the EU pave the way to establishing Greater Eurabia via WW3, which according to the Pope [1] and to Gorbachev [2] might have already begun, with US-backed military divisions prompting warfare in the Ukraine and in Iraq, slaughtering thousands of civilians in each of those war-thorn countries.

This Masochism is an Encore to George Orwell and Aldus Huxley.

After all the hyperbole surrounding the recent comet landing, it seems to have ended up with a whimper of a dying battery and lots of internet babble meant to obscure and mistify what happened as much as possible.

Both are Ad-hoc networks of Satanist Terrorizing Butchers

This article described the similarities between Islam and Druidism, which are strikingly systematic and deep. Druidism is a satanic murder cult which terrorizes its population by means of mandated murder, aka worship of death. Islam is rather more sophisticated and is focused on permanent global conquest, for which human sacrifice is required by means of Jihad, which also incorporates the human shield.

Is Russia that naive? - gravely risking Egypt, Syria & Iraq.

By Scaliger

This article suggests how the USA is about to box Russia at long last.

The PNA is one 79 y.o. straw-man (Makhmoud Abbas) from Hamas preeminence. Since Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and since Hamas Gaza with ISIS, then $5.5 Billion "for Gaza" mean for the entire MB-Hamas-ISIS complex, which attempts at establishing a Caliphate for Anglo-America and against Russia.

By Scaliger

This article describes how BP overtakes the PNA and Israel by means of Communism.

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Communism is the harshest form of Neocolonialism, where the entire workforce is enslaved directly by the state. A communist state is controlled by means of a dual-strand regime:

1. The Executive branch, wearing black suits like the international bankers it serves,

performing international diplomacy, and making public promises to the inland public.


By Scaliger

Due to British socioeconomic shambles, Scotland must run for safety

David Haines executed: ISIS release video claiming to show beheading of Scottish hostage

The article describes why Scotland is being brutally forced out of the UK of terrorism and how it can easily cope with this change.

Coming War in the North between NATO & Co. vs. Syria & Lebanon

Merkel seems deeply concerned about Obama [Link]

By Scaliger

This article surveys the quickly deteriorating military conflict between NATO & Co. vs. Russia/Iran & Co. all the way from Libya to Iraq and further to the Ukraine, where it may be 'slipping out of control', like Germany now warns [Link]. It seems an all-out war is about to break in a short-order.

By Scaliger 

Qatar is an Iceberg hinging Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard

Quite like Germany seems to have been Russia's handler since 1917,Qatar seems to be Iran's Ayatollah regime's handler.

Qatar & Iran

1. The Pars gas field, jointly held by Qatar and Iran

2. Hamas being a direct puppet of Qatar vs. Haled Mashal.

3. The smooth coordination of Iran and its Hezbollah in the Hamas-Israel attrition war.

4. Qatar's hand in collapse of Gaza talks:

4.1 A blunt report [Link].